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Laser Dentistry

One of today’s groundbreaking technological advancements in healthcare is laser dentistry. With various innovative tools and equipment, it has revolutionized what it means to come in for a dental visit. From detecting cavities to root canal procedures, and gum disease treatment to treating tooth sensitivity, the scope of laser dentistry’s potential is undeniable. At Weissman Dental, we have embraced laser dentistry in order to make visiting our office as comfortable as possible, including the reduction in recovery time.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Although most people know that a laser emits an intense beam of light, many don’t know that LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. There are many benefits of using laser dentistry over traditional methods for procedures like removing tooth decay, teeth whitening, sleep apnea treatment, and removal of tumors. This treatment option is minimally invasive, painless, and requires significantly less treatment and recovery time than numerous procedures. All of this is great news for patients who are nervous about or fearful of dental treatments.

Types of Laser Treatments

The two types of laser treatments we perform are soft tissue and hard tissue. Soft tissue laser treatments include your gums, cheeks, and lips, while hard tissue treatments include your teeth and your jawbone. Due to laser dentistry’s precision, it allows us to prep teeth for dental bonding, fillings, or crowns, as well as in periodontal (pertaining to the gums) maintenance and treatment. Other dental procedures in which laser dentistry is highly effective include removing decay, taking biopsies, correcting a gummy smile, and exposing impacted wisdom teeth.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

As with any new technology, it’s highly important to ensure that laser treatments are not only effective for our patients but are also safe for them. Although the specialized tools and equipment used may be unfamiliar to you, laser dentistry overall is safer than conventional tools and techniques. With traditional tools, it only takes a slight slip to make a procedure more painful than is necessary. On the other hand, the exactness of laser technology eliminates this potential issue and provides less risk of infection and shorter recovery times due to less damage being done to tissues surrounding the treatment site. While laser treatment is highly versatile, however, there is still the possibility that a drill may be required to complete treatment started by a laser. This will depend on the specific procedure and the unique needs of the patient. In addition, while the need for anesthesia is greatly reduced with laser dentistry, it doesn’t completely eliminate the need for it in all cases.

Pros and Cons of Laser Dentistry

It’s probable that there are very few dentists who would turn their noses up at laser dentistry altogether. However, not all dentist offices have embraced this technology as fully as Weissman Dental has. That being said, we also understand that any dental procedure will come with potential risks. With laser dentistry, many risks are reduced or eliminated, but you want your dentist to be savvy of laser techniques before scheduling any dental procedure. For more information about how you might benefit from laser dentistry, give Weissman Dental a call at (503) 274-2222 to schedule a consultation.

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