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Patient sitting in dental chair calmly discussing oral health with dentistWe have had a few patients visit our office only when there is a noticeable oral health issue. This is usually because neglecting routine care has allowed what were once minor problems to progress into major ones. Weissman Dental understands that many oral health concerns are easily avoidable with regular exams and cleanings. Whether a patient simply finds it difficult to fit dental appointments into their busy schedule or going to the dentist triggers a few nerves, our expert team is here to ease any anxiety and encourage you to maintain your oral health.

Why Get Routine Dental Exams?

Neglecting to keep up with regular exams can result in serious negative consequences, not only for your oral health but also your overall health and well-being. On the other hand, routine exams can help us diagnose any oral health issues early and help prevent you from undergoing expensive and invasive procedures.

Routine dental exams are the most efficient and effective way to identify abnormalities in your mouth, including the areas under your gums that we can view with x-rays. Issues we can detect and begin treating in the earliest stages include tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, jaw abnormalities, and oral cancer. By doing so, we can both increase your chances of successful treatment outcomes and save you money in the long run.

What to Expect From a Routine Dental Exam

The first thing we do during a routine exam is gather information about your oral health history and your overall health. This helps us develop a personalized maintenance plan based on any existing oral or medical issues. Next, we’ll perform a thorough cleaning followed by an examination of your mouth both with a naked eye and by taking digital x-rays. This will allow us to inspect not only your teeth and gums, but also your jaw and other supporting structures like your tooth roots. We will then consult with you while we examine the digital images that were transferred to a chairside monitor.

For patients with a healthy mouth, we recommend a routine cleaning and exam every six months. However, if we’ve discovered any existing issues, such as a high risk for periodontal disease, we will recommend coming in more frequently. Also at this time, we will examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer. Simply put, the healthier your mouth is, the less frequently we will recommend routine appointments.

More About Oral Cancer Screening

The importance of oral cancer screening cannot be stressed enough. That’s because oral cancer is quite treatable when we catch it early on. Otherwise, it is quick to spread and can become life-threatening. Our entire staff is highly trained in detecting the early signs of oral cancer, increasing your chances for successful treatment if we detect it.

While consistently good personal oral care goes a long way to keep your mouth healthy, routine exams are essential for detecting potential issues before they become serious ones. From tooth decay and cavities, to gum disease and oral cancer, Weissman Dental wants to help you preserve your oral health. Call us today at (503) 274-2222 to schedule an exam.

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